Executive Search

It takes an experienced professional to understand your needs and select out the specific individuals who will meet them. There are over 150 million people on LinkedIn in the US, and 4 million of them with a finance interest. We know who you want to look for and we find them. We know who of the 150 million you want to see and we bring them to you, because we understand both your needs and their skills.

According to all recent reports there is a shortage of employees, but there have only ever been a handful of people that fill the specific requirements you have. Given your needs our experts can find them.

We specialize in mid to C-level search with expertise in Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and Security, Investment Professionals, Sales and Strategy, Law Firm Associates and Partners, Legal and Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, and Legal Staffing.

We Don't Get Paid Until You Get What You Need

JW Michaels provides a variety of compensation models to suit each client’s unique needs. By utilizing a performance-driven fee engagement, we guarantee the best end results for our clients. This promises you a search which is comprehensive and in-depth; we are more responsive and act with a greater sense of urgency, leading to shorter fill rates (lifecycles). We wholeheartedly believe in our network of candidates and are confident in their skills. When using this model, we don’t have expectations of getting paid until we’ve successfully completed your search.

We additionally offer a retained search structure, most of our search assignments are exclusive contingency, or retainer/contingency, meaning our clients pay us a small upfront management fee, with the rest of our fees coming from commissions. This may be right for you if you are in need of a larger volume of our services. Feel free to speak to one of our agents to discuss what will be best for you.

Whatever structure you decide on the process is similar: upon launching a search, we set out to fully understand the strategic, organizational and business context with which we’re operating. Our experts then work together to develop, screen, meet and present candidates. We are built on client retention not our billables, so we look for the best candidate not the ones with the largest payouts.

We Get Who You Need By Using A Simple Process:

Understand the positions
We assign an industry expert to best determine what your specific needs are

Fine-tune the job description 
The assigned expert will create an outline so that our recruiters can locate the best candidates and the candidates know what is expected of them

Begin Search
The assigned expert will take point and guide the recruiting effort collaborating with our entire team’s network to broaden the scope

Identify candidates
Your expert will screen every candidate and vet them for your needs to ensure that everyone is up to snuff

Present qualified candidates
We will put forth only the best matches for your needs and allowing you to choose among a short list of top contenders

Place candidates
We schedule interviews if needed, aid through transitions, and follow up to ensure all expectations are met. Our job isn’t over until you are satisfied

Flexible Staffing Solutions

It is a rapidly changing world in the information age, a new regulation may mean a huge workload increase for your firm necessitating a short-term staffing increase. You may want to undertake a new project and need a consultant to make it happen for six months. We work to provide on-demand solutions for your every need.

Whether you want to assess fit through contract-to-hire before making a longer-term commitment, have a project that requires a special skillset, or need to fill gaps during an executive’s absence, our Consulting Practice can quickly find the talent to meet your business staffing and continuity needs.


Our Process

We use the same experts in our flexible staffing as we do for our regular searches. The difference is our timeline, we understand the necessity for a quick turnaround. With this understanding in mind we fast track the process to get you everyone you need completely onboarded and ready to go in a matter of days.


Our Offerings

We offer every type of solution to whatever unique need you are facing:

Consulting – Our longstanding employer and candidate relationships provide nationwide reach to get you qualified contractors that can provide what clients may lack. By jumping in as a talent consultant, we take care of everything from onboarding paperwork to benefits for our consultants. That means less paperwork for you and they can start working immediately.

Contract-To-Hire – Often the best way to see if someone will mesh with your firm is to bring them in for a trial. Contract-to-hire is the best way to make that happen. The industry standard 30 days promises that someone will work hard for a month; when you use our contract-to-hire program, you can get a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s work ethic without any risk.

Project – Often you don’t have a time-frame that you need extra hands for, you have a specific project. Because of our industry experts, we are able to ascertain your needs for a project and get people onboard to finish it, or work with you to make it happen, and when the project is done, so are they, and you can move onto your next goals.


Added Benefit

In addition, from a benefits perspective and legislative standpoint, we fulfill a critical function for our clients. We handle candidate onboarding and the ongoing process of managing time off, absences, compensation, as well as compliance with governing labor laws and other assignment-related details over the length of the engagement. Upon completion of a set number of hours, all temporary professionals placed through our firm are eligible to enroll in our benefits program, which includes full medical, dental and vision benefits, as well as our 401k plan.

JW Michaels & Co. is an executive search firm dedicated to serving the specialized recruiting needs of top-tier financial services, legal, technology and business institutions.

Crain’s NY Business consistently ranks JW Michaels in the top 10 Executive Recruiting Firms – with good reason. We get results.



JW Michaels is headquartered in New York City, with teams based in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Greenville, and Houston.

For general inquiries please contact Jillian McElroy 646-624-2305