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Let us guess – you need talented lawyers who can help you minimize risk, maximize return and launch your business forward? We get it. From in-house counsel to law firm associates, senior partners and practice groups, successful legal recruiting can draw the line between competing and winning… and winning often.
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Insight and discretion are the dual aims of our game, delivered through precisely targeted attorney searches and placements.
With more than two decades of assignments under our belts, we know that you’re looking for attorneys who act not only as trusted legal advisors, but also as valued business partners with impeccable and unparalleled integrity.

Our process

For each search, we bring to our clients a comprehension of the nuances of searching for an attorney best able to successfully lead the legal side of an institution. We understand how greatly it matters that your organization be led by the very best in the industry. With insight and discretion, we regularly deliver.

Who we work with

Our Law Firm Associates, Partners & Groups consultants regularly interface with partners and associates not only at AmLaw 100 law firms, but also with highly qualified partners and associates with boutique firms. Our experience includes both the placement of individual attorneys, and the placement of groups, including effectuating law firm mergers. This experience and expertise, while focused on New York, extends to diverse markets and jurisdictions around the US. We have witnessed the evolution of the General Counsel over the past decade and have provided progressive General Counsel executive search services to CEOs and other C-suite executives. From our decades of experience, we know that CEOs are looking for attorneys who can act not only as trusted legal advisors, but as valued business partners with impeccable integrity.
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