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RCA Extends Special Recognition to Jason Wachtel, Managing Partner of JW Michaels & Co.

The Regulatory Compliance Association (RCA), and its 78,000 asset management executive members have commended JW Michaels for its endowment of RCA's myUniversity and PracticEdge Curricula.

Specifically, the RCA extended a special accommodation to managing partner Jason Wachtel as the Senior Fellow from Practice for “Compensation Trends in Alternative Asset Management,” an RCA PracticEdge session Jason led in February. The session also included presentations and discussion by Jason Blain, head of JW Michaels's Finance and Accounting practice, and Fred Davis, head of the Risk and Quant practice

CLICK HERE for more information on JW Michaels & Co.'s endowment and The Regulatory Compliance Association myUniversity and PracticEdge Curricula.

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