JW Michaels Team Participates in Remote Work Organization and Productivity Workshop with Simply B Organized

The JW Michaels team had the pleasure of participating in an organizational workshop hosted by Laurie Palau, organizational guru and founder of Simply B Organized. This workshop set the stage for upcoming events geared towards empowering the team to grow together with tools to be more productive, organized, and connected as we navigate the new normal of working from home.

During the workshop, Laurie shared invaluable advice to help us continue to navigate this new remote work landscape. Among the topics discussed were Work From Home Best Practices such as dressing professionally on video calls, maintaining an organized work space and many more productive tips to set us up for success. We finished the call feeling energized and motivated to finish Q4 strong.

Ironically, Laurie began her career in the recruiting industry. She now has a successful weekly podcast called “This ORGANIZED Life” where she welcomes guests and talks about decluttering and how to create the perfect work space while being at home.
Learn more about Laurie and Simply B Organized: https://simplyborganized.com/

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