Are Head Hunters Finding the Best Employees for your Business?

Outsourcing the hiring process is a complex decision. Finding the best employees for your business can be time consuming and difficult. If you have used head hunters before, they might have saved you time by taking this process off of your plate. But how good of a job are they really doing? In order to evaluate their work, here are 5 criteria for ensuring your head hunters get you the best candidates.

Manual outreach over résumé filter

Which route does your head hunter take? Do they meet with the person? Do they know someone who can vouch for the candidate? Did they delve into the candidates work history/accomplishments? You need to know how your head hunter finds and screens candidates. You need to be able to trust the person or company you outsource your screening process to. The best way to do so is by discovering their methods.

Best candidate vs. best fit

A CV tells the story of individuals’ travels, their accomplishments, and the skills they developed. It will not give you a full sense of their personality, management style, or communication abilities. It also will not guarantee that the candidate will be comfortable or successful in that position. Look at your turnover rates. This is the type of evidence you need to determine if your head hunters are finding the right employees for you.

Short-term vs. long-term needs

You always want to find the right tool for the job. Figure out if the candidates making it through the screening process fit your short term goals and long term plans. When struggling, businesses might look for frugal, cost-cutting managers or executives. After the finances turn around, bringing in a fresh face can help with employee satisfaction. Your screeners need to know your plans for both your short and long term plans in order to be effective.

Telling you what you want to hear

Not every candidate will meet all of the job criteria, but you need to make sure of your head hunters’ honesty. If you continue to interview candidates who say they cannot meet job criteria (ex. Relocation, hours per week, etc.) then maybe it’s time to find new screeners.

Corporate culture

Always incredibly important, the candidates passed on to you need to fit your corporate culture. The qualifications are secondary. Culture and structure are essential to any business. If your business runs smoothly, you want to maintain your success. Bringing in someone who cannot adapt to the way you operate will alienate the new hire, while sowing animosity amongst your existing employees. Again, look at your turnover rates. If the candidates you hire have to be replaced because they do not fit the culture, your head hunters might be to blame.

Like any decision to outsource, you need to constantly analyze the pros and cons of using head hunters. Do they save you time? Is there less hassle? Are they finding you the best employees? Can another company do a better job? You always have options. Find someone who can screen the right candidates based on your specific needs so that you can find the right fit for your company the first time around.

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