Tips for Staying Productive While Working from Home

The impact of the Coronavirus is far reaching and unprecedented, causing millions of people to make a sudden transition from going into the office regularly to working from home full-time.

At first, working from home can seem like a relief, replacing your commute time with more time spent with the family or for yourself. It has its perks, like wearing sweatpants every day or running to the kitchen for a snack whenever hunger strikes. But over the long-term, those perks can turn into distractions and WFH burnout can happen.

Working remotely takes discipline. Setting goals for the week and sticking to them is a great way to maintain your productivity while working from home. Additionally, set boundaries between work time personal time to keep a sense of separation. Having some structure can help too, since it might feel like a free for all with no team around for support, inspiration or comradery.

While it might seem like a dream to work from home, it can also be easy to lose focus. With that said, here are 5 tips to staying productive while working from home.

Home Office

Even if there’s no dedicated home office in your house, creating a space for work is recommended when working remotely. This creates a separated workspace vs. space for other everyday activities such as exercising, resting and relaxing.

Keep a Schedule

It’s inevitable that distractions will come up, so keeping to a schedule can boost productivity when working from home. Even if the schedule only distinguishes a start time or end time, this can help solidify any grey areas between work time and personal time.

Get Dressed

When we get up and go to the office, we feel good about ourselves by looking presentable. Stay in the routine of waking up early, showering and putting on work clothes to avoid falling into the habit of staying in pajamas or sweatpants all the time. These habits can alter our productivity levels over as the weeks go on.

Keep Communicating with Co-Workers

Not seeing your co-workers in the office everyday can get lonely and isolating, so consistently staying in virtual contact with them can increase productivity levels and keep creative and professional sides active. Whether it’s jumping on a phone call, Zoom call or brainstorming together in Slack, keep communicating often.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks is an essential part of staying productive because it can prevent a burnout. We’re not talking about Netflix breaks, but rather walking the dog or going outside for some fresh air can provide the refresh needed to stay on task. Sitting in one room of the house for too long isn’t conducive to productivity, so take breaks when your energy begins to fade.


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