Research Finds 1 out of Every 6 Job Applicants Lie on Resumes

Employers should keep their eyes peeled for resume fraud now more than ever in 2018, new research will support. The findings of a Trends and Insights Report by AuthBridge found one out of six job applicants lie on their resumes, a 50% increase from 2016.

The applicants were found to mostly lie about employment related information (12.14%), followed by address (6.67%), references (3.35%) and educational qualifications (1.56%). The report also found males were more likely to lie than females, with 15.71% male candidates found guilty of fake information on their resumes vs. 13.09% of women.

More evidence to support resume fraud comes from the findings of a poll on employees from staffing firm OfficeTeam.  Forty-six percent of employees said they know of applicants who have lied on their resume. The most common lies reported were once again embellishments about educational credentials, as well as stretching employment dates to cover up career gaps and exaggerating about skills.

Hiring managers should be proactive about this resume fraud epidemic, and the following are examples of how to catch applicants in resume lies:

  • Follow up with references
  • Ask for documents that support claims
  • Background checks
  • Use behavioral interview techniques

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