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Executive Search

We combine the market and leadership knowledge of our consultants with our stringent assessment process to help you attract and hire the best of the best. We have a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles and impeccable judgment. Based on our unrivaled network, deep relationships with the most-sought after executives and insights into their leadership capabilities and career goals, we deliver our clients only the most exceptional candidates.

Based on our unrivaled network, deep relationships with the most-sought after executives and insights into their leadership capabilities and career goals, we deliver our clients only the most exceptional candidates. Given our substantial access at the executive level, we receive candid insights resulting in better assessments which allows for better judgments of candidates.

We specialize in mid to C-level search with expertise in Legal, Compliance, Risk, Operations, Information Technology, Human Resources, Analysts, Finance & Accounting and Front Office. We are industry leaders in C-level compliance and legal search for the top financial services firms including traditional and alternative asset management firms and banks.

Competitive compensation model and process

JW Michaels provides a variety of compensation models to suit each client’s unique needs. Be creating a performance-driven fee engagement, we are driven to achieve the best end results for our clients. What separates us from other search firms is our process: it’s comprehensive and in-depth; we are more responsive and act with a greater sense of urgency, leading to shorter fill rates (lifecycles). Because we believe in our strong network of candidates and are confident in our overall process, we don’t have expectations of getting paid until we’ve successfully completed your search. While we do offer retained search, most of our search assignments are exclusive contingency, or retainer/contingency, meaning our clients pay us a small upfront management (or research) fee, with the rest being performance driven.

Upon launching a search, we set out to fully understand the strategic, organizational and business context with which we’re operating. Our team members then work together to develop, screen, meet and present candidates. We have an extensive database and are relentless in our search, never satisfied with just “low hanging fruit.” Knowing that our clients expect rigorous candidate screening and only hire the most qualified, we leave no stone unturned. And because every position, client, and situation is unique, we treat each search independently of the other.

We get to the finish line faster else by using the following methodology:

Understand the positions
context by learning about your firm’s history, business goals and culture

Fine-tune the job description to clearly define the position
scope, requirements, and responsibilities, so that candidates know exactly what they’re applying for, as well as what’s expected of them

Develop a search strategy
that helps identify target companies and candidates

Identify candidates
who possess ideal skills and qualities, putting an emphasis on vetting them via our trusted industry contacts

Present qualified candidates,
candidates, providing as much information on them as possible — most notably, their resumes and compensation histories — helping you to make the most informed decision as possible

Place candidates
by assisting clients in developing a competitive compensation package, ensuring candidate acceptance, followed by a seamless transition

Flex Staffing Solutions

The way we work is changing rapidly and we understand the current gravitation towards flexible, on-demand staffing needs. Our deep experience in executive search helps us to save our clients dollars, meet their deadlines and avoid costly staffing errors. We help match the best candidates for short or long-term projects through flexible talent solutions which include contract, contract to hire, consulting, project and pass-through. Our contract staffing follows the same principles as our executive search, but we understand the urgency and we fast track the process. In under two weeks we can complete onboarding to ensure our clients meet their goals.

Whether you want to assess fit through contract-to-hire before making a longer-term commitment, have a project that requires a special skillset, or need to fill gaps during an executive’s absence, our Consulting Practice can quickly find the talent to meet your business staffing and continuity needs.

Consulting – Immediate access to “project-minded” talent that is typically inaccessible to average recruiting firms
JW Michaels & Co. can provide a consultative approach to hiring a contingent or flexible workforce. Our experience in executive search gives us a unique perspective into the consulting needs of a business. Our longstanding employer and candidate relationships provide nationwide reach to prequalified contractors.can provide what clients may lack: the funds, resources, and time to find the best candidate for the job. By jumping in as a talent consultant, we free up internal HR departments so they can focus on critical, higher level challenges which are affecting their organization – whether that be culture, benefits, or compensation.

JW Michaels & Co.’s Flexible Staffing Solutions give our Clients fast and flexible options to secure highly skilled talent that match their ever-changing business needs. Whether supporting short or long-term projects, which can lead to direct hire or supporting our clients’ onboarding challenges with Employer of Record services, we can play a vital role in our clients’ success. With deep roots in executive search, we have gained a unique perspective into how to properly position our flex options allowing stakeholders to deliver on timely deadlines, save critical dollars and avoid costly hiring mistakes. At JW Michaels, we live by a code fulfilling our promise to deliver exceptional talent at the drop of a hat ensuring a smooth onboarding experience, and staying connected with our talent through mission completion.

Our contract staffing follows the same principles as executive search – from position discovery, candidate identification and screening, to ongoing management – but occurs at a more accelerated rate. In a matter of days up to two weeks, we can complete onboarding for contractors with a given skillset at a given pay rate. This fast turnaround ends up being much more transactional. Relationships on the client side are critical because speed-to-market and urgency for skills are paramount. It’s just as critical to hit the mark and find the right fit.

In addition, from a benefits perspective and legislative standpoint, we fulfill a critical function for our clients. We handle candidate onboarding and the ongoing process of managing time off, absences, compensation, as well as compliance with governing labor laws and other assignment-related details over the length of the engagement. Upon completion of a set number of hours, all temporary professionals placed through our firm are eligible to enroll in our benefits program, which includes full medical, dental and vision benefits, as well as our 401k plan.

JW Michaels & Co. is an executive search firm dedicated to serving the specialized recruiting needs of top-tier financial services, legal, technology and business institutions.

Crain’s NY Business consistently ranks JW Michaels in the top 10 Executive Recruiting Firms – with good reason. We get results.



JW Michaels is headquartered in New York City, with teams based in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Greenville, and Houston.

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