Jason Wachtel Weighs in on Steps Businesses are Taking to Retain Their Workforce

Our managing partner Jason Wachtel recently joined Fox 32 Chicago, where he discussed the steps businesses are taking to retain their workforce, in addition to how work may look different for good.

As a recruitment expert, Jason shared his expertise about the current workforce as well as the way businesses are accommodating the for the future.

He often shares his knowledge on the workforce, including most recently weighing in on the need for companies nationwide adapting and offering new incentives in order to keep and attract employees.

“If employers don’t shift their mindset in regard to investing in employees’ hybrid work schedules, technology, they’re gonna be at a tremendous disadvantage in not only maintaining the staff that they have, but adding and attracting great talent to join their organization," Wachtel said.

As co-founder and managing partner, Jason heads up all business development, operations, and strategic growth initiatives for JW Michaels.

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