Jason Wachtel talks to Compliance Week about desired skills for compliance officers

leadership-complianceweekIn today's Compliance Week, JW Michaels Managing Partner Jason Wachtel discussed the need for compliance officers to have excellent leadership and communication skills.

"Companies are seeking compliance leaders who have the ability to influence others, communicate effectively, and build relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, including regulators. “So you want that person to be polished, well-spoken,” says Jason Wachtel, managing partner of executive search firm JW Michaels."

Wachtel also discussed the increase in the number of companies hiring people who have worked at the SEC.

"Other executive search firms are similarly observing a noticeable rise in the number of companies hiring former regulators. JW Michaels, for example, has someone on staff whose only focus is corporate clients looking to hire former regulators. “That practice area has grown significantly for us,” Wachtel says.

“If you ask what a perfect profile of a compliance officer is, it’s someone who has a J.D. who has worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission. That’s what all my clients want,” Wachtel adds. “If you have a regulatory background, it’s a golden ticket. You’re always going to have a job, and you’re always going to be in demand.""

Read the entire article on Compliance Week's website (subscription required):

Wanted: Compliance Officers With Leadership, Communications Skills by Jaclyn Jaeger

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