How to Navigate Looking for a Job While Still Employed

Keeping up with the duties of your current job while undergoing a job search can be a juggling act, but it’s the best time to start a job search since your skills are up-to-date and your industry contacts are at your fingertips. Our executive search recruiters at JW Michaels work with employed job candidates often and have first-hand knowledge of the challenges that come with collecting a paycheck at your job while actively looking for another.

Employed candidates are more attractive to employers for many reasons, and industry experts recommend not quitting your job until a firm offer comes your way from a new company. In addition, there’s less pressure on you because there’s income still coming in, and you have more leverage in the negotiation process.

With that said, it’s common for job seekers to undergo the process of looking for a job while still employed. Below are some tips on how to navigate this process while maintaining productivity in your current position.

Update LinkedIn

Keep your skills, connections and employment history up-to-date on your LinkedIn profile so employers can see what you have to offer. The most important tip, however, is to turn off your notifications so your current employer can’t see you’re on the hunt for something new.

Don’t Tell Co-Workers

Keep your job search quiet. Confiding in one co-worker about your job search runs the risk of the whole office finding out. As soon as your boss knows you’re actively seeking another job, they might start actively seeking your replacement and you’re back to square one. Your best asset is your current employment.

Conduct Search Outside of Work Hours
Using company resources during your job search is a big no-no. During office hours, your focus should be the job you’re getting paid to do. Outside of work hours, you’re free to tirelessly search as much as you want. Inform your recruiter about the best hours to job search, and we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Use Previous Employers as References

The last thing you need is your employer being blindsided that you’re considering leaving the company by being contacted by a potential new employer. Use previous employers as references and notify your interviewer that you’d like to keep your job search discreet.

Bring Change of Clothes

If you have an interview scheduled for before or after work, don’t show up to the office in a suit when you usually wear casual office attire. Bring a change of clothes so that you’re not giving it away that you’re going on interviews.

Keep Doing Your Job Well

You don’t have the new job you’re eyeing yet, so continue to do your current job well. Burning bridges won’t get you very far in your desire to progress your career. Remember you’re still being paid for your time, and you want to keep a good relationship with your current employer. Don’t slack on your daily responsibilities and risk your reputation.

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