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Financial Services Market Data Report for 2021

IT'S HERE! JW Michaels' annual FinServ Compensation Data Report is now available!

2022 is a record year for hiring, unlike any we’ve ever experienced. While many of our clients are hiring at an unprecedented pace, there are not enough qualified, highly-skilled candidates to fulfill the demand. Most candidates in the current job market are interviewing at various firms and entertaining multiple offers within a short time frame. Companies need to streamline and shorten the interviewing process to avoid losing candidates and/or bidding wars. Knowing the current compensation levels of the industry is key to making this happen.

JW Michaels & Co. proudly announces the release of their annual Financial Services Market Data Report. This report highlights the current compensation landscape, so firms can make faster offers and hire better candidates. And aid executive job seekers in making better-informed career decisions.

Regarded as a go-to resource of the Financial Services industry, the data compiled in this comprehensive report is based on completed placements made by the company in 2021. It represents compensation for various executive positions of top-tier financial services, accounting, legal, technology, and business institutions. And it presents compensations grouped by size and type of firm as well as by job title for compliance officers, general counsel, patent counsel, IT, legal and risk management executives with investment banks, law firms, and Fortune 500 companies in every industry.

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2021 Market Data Report

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