Common Reasons Employees Quit in Search of a New Job

Life events will always come up that will cause employees to resign from their positions, such as moving out of state or deciding to stay home with children. However, in most cases, internal factors within the company are what causes employees to leave in search of a job at an organization that better suits their needs. Factors like stunted growth, strained relationships with co-workers or managers and lack of recognition all contribute to an employee’s decision to quit in search of a new job. Here are the common reasons for this to happen, which can serve as a warning to employers who want to retain their employees long-term.


When employees use their unique skills and talents, they feel they’re contributing to the greater good of an organization. When those skills go unused in the workplace, employees start to feel unchallenged and bored in their everyday lives, which can lead to them starting to look around at other jobs that will challenge and fulfill them on a deeper level. Every good employee craves a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and room to grow.

Lack of Recognition

It can be frustrating when hard work goes unrecognized, and unsurprisingly, employees will get fed up with not receiving proper recognition in the workplace. Your best talent needs to know how much they’re valued, or they will start to question their role in organization.

Relationship with Boss

The employee-boss relationship is an important one, as it’s one of the most prevalent relationships in an employees’ everyday life. This relationship doesn’t need to be a close one, it just needs to be a healthy one. Having a poor relationship with a superior will cause an employee to want to change their environment, especially if they feel undermined or unappreciated.

Relationship with Co-Workers

The same goes for an employee’s relationship with their co-workers. These relationships need to be productive and positive, considering how much time is spent together each day. If there are toxic relationships between co-workers within the workplace, employers should expect turnover.

Trust in Organization

Employees who don’t have trust in their company and worry about its future are more likely to leave in search of a company who provides full disclosure when it comes to financials, layoffs or hiring freezes. To avoid losing good employees over lack of trust, employers should be transparent about any setbacks or challenges, and share steps the company plans to make to get on track for future success.

Influence in Overall Business Plan

Employees should feel like the work they’re doing each day is contributing to the bigger picture. With that said, managers should sit with their staff every so often and go over how the goals they’re meeting contributes to the overall business plan and future goals for growth. If employees don’t feel connected to the work they do, they will leave.

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