Avoid Generic Statements and Get Better at Offering Examples of Achievements in Job Interviews

The last thing hiring managers want to hear are generic statements that they’ve heard a handful of times before. Standing out from other candidates should be your goal during the interview process and offering detailed examples of your past achievements is a terrific start.

Hiring managers don’t want to hear blanket statements without any example to back it up, such as:

  • I do extremely well with time management
  • I work well with others
  • I’m passionate about this field
  • I’m self-motivated

Any candidate can claim to have the above skills but to separate yourself from the rest, offer a tangible example of achievements with a good story. It will not only show off your unique personality, it will give the hiring manager a better idea of what you can bring to the table.

Paint the hiring manager a picture and allow them to envision how your past experience can benefit the organization. For example, instead of using the broad statement “I excel at time management,” explain how you stay on top of deadlines, plan ahead and use a calendar or a specific project management app to track weekly, monthly and yearly goals. To demonstrate how passionate you are about the field you’re in, explain how you volunteer in your spare time and actively seek ways to improve your skills by taking classes and attending seminars.

If you want to demonstrate your good communication skills, don’t simply tell the hiring manager that you have them. Show them by highlighting your skills and experience through detailed anecdotes that pertain to the specific role you’re interviewing for. By illustrating your skills through example, the interviewer can get to know your personality better and decide whether it fits in with the company’s corporate culture.

Being clear, concise and detailed is an excellent way to put your best foot forward and show your positive traits in a job interview.


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