8 Ways to Get Through a Long Job Search Without Feeling Discouraged

Job search fatigue; it’s real and it can be unpleasant. Whether you’ve been looking for a new job for a few weeks or you’ve been at it for months, a long job search is intimidating at best and downright discouraging at its worst. While undergoing a job search for an extended period of time it can feel so much longer than it actually is, with bills piling up and life carrying on as usual.

Although it can be easy to let feelings of discouragement take over, doing so can derail your job search process even further. It’s imperative to keep your confidence up and keep your eye on the prize – finding a position that’s mutually beneficial for yourself and the company you’re joining. Below are 8 ways to get through the highs and lows of a long job search without feeling discouraged.

Keep Networking

Old fashioned conversations will feel a lot more beneficial to your end goal than blindly sending out resumes. Use networking tools like LinkedIn, networking events and reaching out to your contacts via email or phone to keep current on your networking. It only takes one lead to open the right door for your next job.

Follow Up Phone Call

After your follow up email has gone unanswered for a week, stay persistent and follow up via phone call. Call the same point of contact that you emailed to give a more personalized approach by explaining why your skillset and personality are a good fit with the company.

Resume Refresh

A job search lull might be the ideal opportunity to refresh that resume that hasn’t been updated since your last job search. Chances are you’ve accomplished more and gained additional skills since then, so be sure to add those points to your resume.

Find a Mentor

It might feel like you’re alone in this, but a mentor will provide the support and guidance to give you that push you need. If you already have a mentor, consider yourself lucky! If not, it’s time to hit the pavement and find one through networking.

Focus on Companies, Not Jobs

Some potential jobs might not be posted to a job board or made available to the public. If a company catches your eye, whether at an event, through social media or through our executive search recruiter, start doing your research about the company itself and the people who work there. Many jobs are filled through networking, so don’t miss a great opportunity by failing to target organizations of interest.

Volunteer in Field of Interest

You simply never know who you could meet while volunteering. Get out there and lend a helping hand while you have the extra time, and the connections you make could lead you in the right direction. It’s a win-win. The feeling of accomplishment will also help with those feelings of discouragement about job search fatigue.

Ask for Feedback Upon Rejection

If you find out that the job you interviewed for was offered to someone else, it can’t hurt to ask for some feedback about why you weren’t chosen. The feedback can help you in your job search, perhaps making you aware of a red flag you were sending out that you weren’t aware of.

Stay Confident

We know it’s easier said than done when you’ve spent weeks being ignored or rejected by company after company, but staying confident in yourself and what you have to offer an organization will be the driving force behind getting through a long job search and through to the finish line.


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