6 Signs you Nailed the Interview

We’ve all been there; we vigorously prepare for an interview, only for the big day to come and go while we’re left waiting on pins and needles for word back. Of course, there’s always a general sense on how well we did, but the uncertainty can be taxing. What if we told you there are certain signs to pick up on that can indicate our status with potential employers? There are never any guarantees, but these 6 signs are good indicators that you nailed the interview and can expect a job offer.

Body Language

Body language is a great indication of whether a conversation is going well, but it’s an especially good indicator of a job interview going in your favor. Interviewers will unintentionally make certain movements that demonstrate their enthusiasm for your responses to important questions. Head nodding, leaning in and other affirmative movements are all good indications you’re nailing the interview.

Conversational vs. Formal

When the interview turns more casual than formal, it’s usually a good sign the interviewer is comfortable with you and interested in what you have to say. The majority of the interview will be formal, but once you feel the energy change from business to more conversational, it’s a good sign they’re satisfied with how your skills fit into the job description and they want to get to know you better to figure out if your personality fits company culture.

Goes Longer than Expected

Interviews that wrap up quickly usually mean the interviewer knows right away you’re not a good fit for the role, but the interview running over is a good sign. If you’re being asked a variety of questions for a longer time frame than you expected, it’s usually because the interviewer or panel of interviewers are interested and want to know more.


If you get a tour of the office and start getting introduced to other team members, chances are you’re passing with flying colors. There would be no reason to take the time to do that unless you’re legitimately being considered as a candidate for the job you’re seeking. Seeing the way you interact with possible future employees is an interview task in itself and can better help the interviewer make a final decision.

Roles Reverse

When the roles start to reverse and you feel the interviewer start to sell you on the job or the organization as a whole, chances are you’re in the clear. It’s a clear indicator that they’ve made their decision that they want to hire you, because they’ve likely heard everything they need to hear and want to start showing you why you should choose them if you were contemplating offers from other companies.

Verbal Cues like “When”

Unintentionally, the interviewer will go from saying “if” to “when” if they feel you nailed the interview. Listen for cues like this during the interview if you want a better grasp on whether you’re doing well or not, since they will likely slip out of the interviewer’s mouth unconsciously.

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