5 Tips for Standing Out While Working Remotely

While many offices are still closed due to employers taking extra precautions during the Coronavirus pandemic, working remotely has become the modern workplace for thousands of employees. The flexibility of working from home might seem like the perfect work setting at first, until challenges come along that might interfere with productivity or job performance.

Distractions at home such as children or a significant other also working remotely can make it difficult to get your job done as efficiently as you did at the office. However, exceling in your position is not negotiable and should always be your top priority.

Whether your company has decided to keep your position remote permanently or temporarily, getting familiar with ways to excel in your position without stepping foot into the office is invaluable. Below are tips on standing out while working remotely.

Over Communicate

When being in the office is no longer an option, being overly communicative is the best way to stay ahead of your work and make your productivity known. Check in with your manager and team clearly and regularly to avoid confusion and make sure everyone is on the same page.


Organization is the key to remote work when newfound freedom and flexibility are at your fingertips. It’s much easier to get distracted at home, so staying organized will keep you on track and productive. Whether it’s your Outlook calendar or an old school notebook and paper, set goals and meet them each week.

Meet Deadlines

It goes without saying, meeting your deadlines is the best way to prove yourself to your team. Once you’ve become reliable and trustworthy, it will allow you to stand out amongst the crowd. It’s as simple as that.

Follow All Hands on Deck Mentality

Being a team player is important on a remote team because it shows your sense of comradery and willingness to contribute to the goals of the company as a whole. If you notice your co-workers are tied up and can offer your help, by all means step in and do so.

Always Improve

Improving, learning and fine tuning your skillset will make you stand out in any work environment, not just when working from home. Be known as the team member who’s always seeking to expand their knowledge on the new and exciting trends in your industry. Take advantage of learning opportunities your organization provides as well as knowledge veteran members of your team can provide.


Adjusting to working remotely might involve a bit more effort to keep a good standing amongst your team. Always strive to stand out for your professionalism, willingness to succeed and reliability as a team player. Follow the above tips to excel at working remotely.


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