10 Commandments for First 90 Days of Your New Job

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Congratulations! You made it past the interview process and landed the new position you’ve been eyeing. Now that JW Michaels has connected you to your new company, it’s time to create a notable first impression and set up habits that will lead to ongoing opportunities within the company. Although the following tips are crucial the first few months on the …


What Recruiters Really Want to Know When Asking Non-Traditional Questions

JW Michaels Compliance / Risk Management, Job Applicants

Every recruiter or interviewer has a different style, but interviewees should be prepared for it all. As a job applicant, your goal should be to demonstrate you’re forward-thinking, adaptable and a problem solver throughout each phase of the interview process both verbally and non-verbally. When recruiters or interviewers ask a candidate a non-traditional question, the way the applicant answers that …