Financial Services Market Data Report 2016

JW Michaels Compensation, Compliance / Risk Management

JW Michaels & Co Financial Services Market Data Report 2016

The JW Michaels & Co Financial Services Market Data Report 2016 is now available. The data appearing in this compensation report were collected by comparing invoiced placements made by JW Michaels during 2016. The report presents compensations grouped by size and type of firm as well as by job title.

“We believe that educating our constituents on the current compensation levels in the areas we serve will help our clients to be more informed when they decide to hire a candidate,” states Jason Wachtel, managing partner at JW Michaels & Co. “This report will also help our executive job seekers make better career decisions.”

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5 Tips on Giving Negative Feedback

JW Michaels Practice Areas

Recruiters all face times they need to give negative feedback, but the goal is to deliver it effectively and constructively. No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s inevitable at certain stages of the recruiting process. For a recruiter, an interview can be seen as somewhat routine, but job candidates often view them as stressful situations. If a job candidate requires help in certain areas of the interview, delivering productive feedback can help them change the trajectory of their career and potentially land them a position in which they can thrive once they make the changes. Below are 5 tips on giving negative feedback where it’s needed.

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Jason Wachtel Discusses What’s Next For Former FBI Director James Comey with The New York Times

JW Michaels Compliance / Risk Management, Executive Search

james-comeyIn the recent NYTimes article titled What’s Next for Comey? Probably Not ‘a Normal Job’, by Matthew Goldstein and Alexandria Stevenson, Jason discussed what’s next for former FBI director James Comey. With a résumé that includes top federal prosecutor, chief lawyer for both the world’s largest defense contractor and the world’s biggest hedge fund, and most recently director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, would a position at a large financial firm, corporation or law firm be big enough for him?

“He is so high profile now that just a normal job is way beneath him,” said Jason Wachtel, a managing partner at JW Michaels & Company, a recruitment firm that specializes in placing lawyers at hedge funds and private equity firms. “Most of the hedge funds aren’t going to be big enough for him.”

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Former Assistant US Attorney, Dan Dorsky, To Lead Anti-Corruption & Ethics Practice At CRC

Mary Kaufman Compliance / Risk Management

dan dorskyNEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Expanding its scope of compliance specialties to Anti-Corruption and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act resolution, Compliance Risk Concepts LLC (CRC) today announced the hire of Daniel Dorsky as Principal of its Anti-Corruption and Ethics Practice.

“CRC is excited to expand its services to advise clients on best practices and solutions for the Anti-Corruption and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, with the notable addition of Dan Dorsky,” said Mitch Avnet, CEO and Managing Partner of Compliance Risk Concepts.

Mr. Avnet continues, “His broad experience combines corporate compliance dealing with complex issues and service as a prosecutor. With an in-the-trenches perspective from both sides, Dan will prove invaluable in guiding clients during all stages — before the emergence of compliance violations, during a regulatory agency audit, and throughout the resolution of any issues.”
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Justin M. Mandel | Managing Director & Head of Compliance

Justin Mandel Meet The Team

justinJustin is a founding principal of JW Michaels & Co. and head of the asset management legal and compliance practice. He also co-heads JW Michaels’ New York Office. Justin was formerly a co-head of the Executive Search division of a national search firm and built and ran the firm’s legal and compliance practice.

Prior to recruiting, Justin worked in real estate development and consulting, and was a Senior Consultant in the Washington, D.C. office of PKF Consulting – Hotel Consulting Services. Justin received a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Business Administration, from the University of Delaware.
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Essential Due Diligence for the Executive Job Search

Kristy Wright Skeehan Executive Search

due-diligenceAccording to Forbes Magazine, 40% of executives fail in their first 18 months in a new job. Prudent due diligence throughout the application process can greatly reduce the risk of failure.

You are fortunate to find yourself torn between accepting or declining an exciting, new executive position. In all likelihood, you did a sufficient amount of research before your first interview. If this was not the case, you undoubtedly would not have made it to this point in the application process.

There’s a great deal of work involved in a search for the executive job seeker. Organized due diligence will help ensure your success.
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Meet Howie Kobrin | VP, Legal Recruiting

Howie Kobrin Executive Search, Meet The Team

howie kobrin
Howie Kobrin brings a wealth of experience and determination to his position as Vice President, Senior Legal Recruiter at JW Michaels and Company. Howie works with law firms and corporations to assist them in obtaining the best talent the marketplace has to offer. Prior to JW Michaels, Howie was formerly an attorney recruiter for two national search firms.

Howie lives in Jersey City, NJ with his wife and two young sons. He received his B.A. from Hobart College.
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